At Animal Magic we make sure that each dog enjoys a
luxury grooming experience in a safe and relaxing environment.

A full groom includes:
Free consultation
Drying - all dogs are dried by hand
Clipping or scissor finishing
Eyes, ears and nails cleansed and trimmed

Pricing is determined by the size, breed and temperament of your dog,
as well as the condition of its coat.
We’ll discuss all of this in your initial consultation so there’s no surprises.
We know that your pooch may not need a full groom at every visit so we offer a range of treatments to keep them looking their best.

Other services:
Clean teeth & fresh breath treatment
Bath & dry
Bath, dry & trim
Ear cleansing
Eye trim
Nail trim

Small Breeds From £45
Medium Breeds From £55
Large Breeds From £70
Giant Breeds From £85
Teeth Cleaning From £45
Bath, Dry and Go From £40